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Review (Written) Haro by Billion Spark Craftsmanship

Here, we take a look at Haro by Billion Spark Craftsmanship. This kit in particular is labeled as the A.E.U.G version and seems to be modeled after Kamille Bidan.

Despite the finished product being small (just 8cm in diameter), there's actually quite a lot in the package. In addition to the runners, you'll find an LED circuit, some screws, and a screwdriver.

You may end up having to use your own though as the head of those included in, at least two of my kits, were not machined properly; one of them being completely unusable.

Right off the bat, it's important to take note of some typos in the manual. The parts B2(1) and B2(3) actually have their labels switched.

Here are the parts for the outer shell. Modelers accustomed to Gunpla will definitely notice a difference as these are much stiffer and feel more robust than the more commonly used polystyrene or ABS. This makes the finished kit feel more like an electronic gadget than a plastic model.

There are gears linking the two upper flaps and BSC has devised a simple yet effective method of making sure they are aligned properly.

Having previously worked with this kit, I noticed a bit of bleeding around the eyes when the LEDs light up. To prevent that, you may want to mask around the eyes.

Each of the fingers are individually articulated at the knuckle. Unlike the rest of the kit, the hand are rather prone to mold defects and sinkholes are not uncommon. Note the incomplete molding of the right ring finger.

Although the instructions are simple and easy to follow, it is not clear about the orientation of the parts. It would be wise to be extra careful to make sure you are not actually putting a part on backwards. With the exception of the hinge connecting the two halves, the finished model feels very solid. Although the fingers are prone to defects, the mold itself is rather good and all the parts fit together well..

With the LEDs on...

You can also swap in parts for the arms and to make the bottom flaps stick out.

A size comparison with my motorized Akaharo and a 1/144 Gundam AGE-1 Normal.

Final thoughts:

This is a simple kit that will take the average builder around an hour or two to finish and one I would highly recommend.

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