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Canadian Gundam New Haul

This is no secret that the Gunpla Network is sponsored by Canadian Gundam, they are kind enough to send us kits to show and reviews. What people do not know is that I am also a Canadian Gundam customer. As a good Canadian kid, it can be super expensive to order Kits from the land of the rising sun and when you order it can take 6 WEEKS before it is delivered to your door. With Canadian Gundam you receive it the same week that you ordered it. They also have a 10$ Flat Shipping rate across the country, so even if you order 20 kits (and let's admit it 1 kit is never enough) you will only pay 10$ for the shipping, sweet!

So in this new Haul, Canadian Gundam kindly provided us with the awesome Master Grade XN Raiser and the famous RG Unicorn (premium edition box). The HG Bael and Efreet Schneid was bought by 12 year old brother, he just joined the hobby and this is the first kits that he bought with his own money, so proud of him!!!

If you are living in Canada, think about supporting a local business, this will help out make the Hobby more accessible in our beautiful country. If you are living outside the big north, do the same if it is possible, support your local business and help Gunpla be more and more accessible to everyone!

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