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10 Suits That Deserve A Modern Kit & How They Could Be Released

We all have kits we want to see made, but here are some of my all time favorite ideas.

10. Celestial Being & GN Flag

These are not only designs that could be made with slight modification to existing kits but the Celestial Being Flag had a prototype at one point. This was almost a reality, and can still be done with some modification.

If you're a little confused on what these look like, or the differences, let me break it down for you.

The CBNGN-003 AKA Celestial Being Flag is used in the Awakening of a Trailblazer film, used to stop terrorist actions against a shuttle carrying none other than Marina Ismail. Setsuna Pilots this unit for all of like 2 minutes. It's a cool Flag variant and would largely be based on the existing kit, or the prototype that existed.

The SVMS-01x Union Flag Custom 2 AKA GN flag is used for 1 fight in 00 season one. Of course our blonde haired god of Flags Graham Aker pilots this against the Exia. It's mostly an Overflag with a few minor changes like the fins/defense bars moved to the legs and a swinging GN drive on the back.

Realistically the Celestial Being Flag would be like a Pbandai release, it's not a super popular suit, but the GN Flag could easily be a normal release, it's almost the same as the over flag with a few minor changes.

9. Realdo & Hellion

What can I say, I love 00 grunt suits and these are the throw away, red shirts of 00. Who wouldn't want their favorite over produced suit the Exia slashing through some helpless grunt? Here is a little more background on these unsung heroes of cannon fodder.

The VMS-15 Union Realdo was the predecessor to the Union's Flag, it much like the Flag had a flight mode and a mobile suit mode but couldn't transform in midair. To be fair the Flag wasn't designed to do it but Graham is crazy. The Realdo is a much pointier design with more emphasis on flight over mobile suit combat but could hold it's own in a fight. We mostly see them used in numbers in the Taribia conflict and in the Taklamakan desert operation. The most notable thing they did was self detonate on the Dynames. While it does make up a large portion of the Union's military force, it's slowly being replaced by the flag.

The AEU-05 Hellion is the AEU equivalent, two modes that can't be changed between in mid flight and mostly used in numbers. While it is the main force of the AEU military, even more so than the Flag & Realdo, this suit is the Ak-47 of the 00 universe as it's sold to other countries and groups in larger numbers than it's contemporaries.

These could easily be regular releases that both spawn some Pbandai color variations. The Realdo and Hellion have a numerous amount of that Pbandai potential with recolors and different variants. More 00 grunts with some updated engineering would be a breath of fresh air and would help fill the gap of different design suits that IBO left.

8. Pisces, Cancer, Aries & Taurus

Speaking of different designs we have everyone's favorite water boys. While not as famous as Adam Sandler, these suits are much more interesting.

I mentioned these in my What Needs to be Made From The After Colony Universe article, but allow me to annoy you with this idea one more time.

The MS-09MMS Pisces is one of 2 units used by Oz in Gundam Wing, focused entirely on aquatic warfare. This big blue submarine is kinda goofy looking but still would looks great filling out the line up of Oz mobile suits.

The MS-08MMS Cancer, is a smaller more agile aquatic suit to compliment the larger Pisces. A much more crab like appearance with the red paint and the lack of legs, this unit is better in packs.

The MS-07AMS Aires is a likely choice after the Leo and Maganc corps as it's the 2nd most used grunt suit in the After Colony Era. This serves as the fighter craft for Oz and sees a fair amount of both land and air combat.

The MS-12SMS Taurus is my Gunpla Grail, meaning it's the one design I've wanted made into a kit the worst. I thought about letting it take a place by itself but this is still a grunt suit. The Taurus is a multi role suit, much like the Aires it can transform into a flight mode and has a mobile suit mode. However unlike the Aries, this suit can function in space as well. With a much sleeker armor set and a large set of weapons, the Taurus is begging to be made into a plastic model.

With all 4 of these have fairly simple transformations, the wouldn't need a lot of really

innovative engineering, the Pisces would be the most challenging but still nothing super involved. These would likely be regular releases with the Aires & Taurus getting some Pbandai recolors with different weapons sets.

7. Virgo, Virgo 2 & Serpent Custom

Get ready for a lot more After Colony Era Suits, you have at least 3 more to get through, after these 3.

We'll cover the OZ-02 MD Virgo 1 & WF-02MD Virgo 2 in the same part as they are really similar. Thus the same naming conventions. The Virgo series of mobile suits are meant to be the next generation of suits to use the Mobile Doll System. These units used what was learned from the Vayeate and Mercurius, utilizing their accessories and weapons. A perfect balance between offense and defense.  The Vigro two adds more of the Planet Defenser shield units and the 2 large thruster units on the back.There's a Virgo 3 that appears in the Battlefield of Pacifists but that's a stretch even for this list.

Next we have the MMS-01 Serpent customer that was used in the Endless Waltz movie by the Mariemaia Army backed by the Barton Foundation. It's heavily based off the Gundam Heavyarms, as it was the Barton Foundation that had backed the building of the original. This suit drops the Mobile Doll system for a better cockpit interface.

Honestly I could see maybe the Virgo 1 & Serpent Custom being regular releases HG's or NG's as we have already got an old Serpent Custom from the 90's. The Virgo 2 might end up being Pbandai but that wouldn't be that surprising.

6. Vayeate & Mercurius The classic Red Oni, Blue Oni of Gundam Wing. These two serve as the basis of the above mentioned grunts and have some rough old 90's kits that need so love.

These suits were developed in unison by the 5 scientists behind the Gundams. After being captured by OZ there were tasked with making new prototype Gundams.

The OZ-13MSX1 Vayaete was designed for long range, heavy beam artillery. Fixing the limited energy problem of the Wing Gundam's Buster Rifle by installing a thermo-nuclear reactor in the backpack, this bad boy can dish out some serious beams.

The OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius is designed for defense and close range combat. Equip with the Planet Defenser system, a shield system designed to stop beam weapons. This system doesn't effect physical weaponry.

As much as I'd like for these to come out as regular releases, it'd be far more likely that they'd be released as a set, very likely being Pbandai. Much like their Robot Damashii/Spirits counterparts. A reasonable regular release would be a NG 1/100 or something of that nature but I'd love to see these in a RG, using the Tallgoose frame.

5. OZ-13MS Epyon This spikey boy is probably the most likely to get an RG out of any of these suits. We already have a good, solid MG that could be shrunk down like most of the best RG's and it would be the next logical step for the Wing series since the Tallgoose 3 just came out.

The OZ-13MS Epyon was created in secret by our blue clad boy Treize for what we assumed was Zechs but was picked up and piloted by Herro for a while. This unit is primarily a close-quarters melee unit with no long range capabilities. Using the Zero System the pilot is able to almost see their opponents moves before they're made.

This could be a regular release HG but it's be more likely for us to see an RG first. The problem with the Eypon is it's kinda pointless and unnecessary "Dragon Mode" transformation. So far the RG line has had some hit and miss releases like the Zeta, which has some mixed reviews. I'd honestly be fine with a stronger frame and no transformation personally.

4. GF13-049NM Tequila Gundam The joke that everyone wants to be real. As goofy as G Gundam was there were some really interesting designs, I mean memes to come out of it. This is one such example.

The GF13-049NM is Neo Mexico's Gundam Fighter, the production team at the time thought Mexico and through Tequila. Being called the Spike Gundam in the US English dub, this suit really has nothing to do with the alcohol it's named after. It is however spikey with a sombrero and trident.

This suit would likely be a regular release HG, inevitably released when Bandai gets desperate and starts relaying on memes. For all of the crazy designs in  G Gundam this is one of the most practical, considering we got a giant windmill, surfing Cowbot and a mermaid.

3. MRC-F20 Sumo & Hipheavy For those you unfamiliar with Turn A, it has some strange but oddly satisfying designs. One of those designed being the round, golden boy the Sumo, an elite unit used by the Royal Guard of the Diana's Counter forces. The unit is usually painted in a silver color, but the captain's unit is painted a nice gold.

The MRC-F20 Sumo is kinda like the GM Command or the Gelgoog prototypes, a high performance machine saved for the Royal Guard. A mostly rounded exterior armor and a shiny coat of metallic paint, this bad boy can stand up to most any mobile suit out at the time, especially with pilots like Harry Ord.

The Hipheavy is a dream and the longest shot here. This is a Bi Plane used by the Inglessa Militia. An interesting design that could maybe push Bandai to look into the military model arena and use it's tech there. Sure most of them wouldn't be articulated but it would help with some of the later entries on this list. I mean they did the fighters in Starblazers, why not this?

We've got older kits of the Sumo but we need something like the newer HG Turn A, a regular release HG and the cheaper cheesy looking gold for Harry's custom while having a more expensive or Pbandai special coating version, kinda like how the Phenex was handled.

2. The RX-78AN-01 Tristan & AMX-001S Zaku 3 Custom Now to the controversial pick on this list. The Tristan Gundam, AKA the HG Hot Garbage. This HG doesn't count as a modern kit as it's almost entirely a reissue of the older Alex kit, which is due for an RG since that MG came out and made waves. We also have a mighty old Zaku 3 as well that could use an update and fresh coat of red paint.

The RX-78AN-01 Tristan Gundam is made out of the remains of the RX-78NT-1 Alex Gundam with some other, new parts thrown onto it. Although this suit is based on a nearly 20 year old design, it holds it's own.

While the AMX-001S Zaku 3 Custom originally appears in ZZ, we see a full red version in action that was meant for Char. We can assume that it goes 3 times faster. This is a much bulkier design than any Zaku before it, save for the f-2000, but still not as big as that glorious Sazabi.

While Twilight Axis is a pretty short story and OVA, it had some really neat mobile suits in it. Instead of a new HG of either I think it's time to get an MG, or at least some better NGs. If we ever get an RG Alex maybe we'll get a Pbandai Tristan.

1. Aqua GM, Dahle, & Federation Fighter Jets

Originally this was just going to be the Aqua GM but I thought about how neglected the pre One Year War Federation weapons are. The Dahle is a weird hybrid of a GM & Zaku. These planes could use the Starblazers treatment.

The RAG-79 Aqua GM, this mobile suit was designed to run underwater operations, typically in countering enemy Submarine activity and other aquatic mobile suits. We see this suit do "battle" in Unicorn, after being thoroughly destroyed, I still want one of these bad boys on my shelf.

The SRf-06 Dahle is a combination of scraped GM & Zaku parts put together by the South Seas Alliance and makes it's appearance is Gundam Thunderbolt. A really nice mix of these arch enemies makes for a solid looking grunt suit.

Now the really neglected designs, the FF-3 Saberfish, FF-4 Toriares, FF-6 Tin Cod & FF-X7 Core Fighter. While the Core Fighter had an MG & a Hardgraphs kit, none of the other planes of the One Year War got any attention. These fighters had to not only fight the Zeon air forces but also the Zaku's. Only better than the Type 61 main battle tanks, all these fighters struggled to survive.

The Aqua GM could lead to a revive/remastered version of all the other GM's, even making this a Pbandai release would make sense. We'd probably only see it in an HG though. The same would go for the Dahle, with the Thunderbolt line being mostly made up of HG's this wouldn't be likely to get anything else. The planes however could all be regular releases but not in an MG or a Hardgraphs. Either being back the EX line or do what was done for the Starblazers fighters and just make a line for them. There'd be a ton of different color variations and could be reissued a tone for Pbandai use.

I covered way more than 10 kits here, but oh well, it needed to be done. All of these designs are good enough and deserve to be purchased by us, adding to our backlogs to one day be build.


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