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10 Kits We Hope To See in 2020

With a new year & a new decade we have a whole ton of plastic to look forward to, but what forms will that plastic take? With new adaptions starting & new series it's anyone's guess as to what new kits we can see in 2020 but here are 10 of our "educated" guesses.

10. HGUC Me-02R Messer Predicted by ZetaPlus

While only really appearing in Hathaway's Flash, the upcoming animation will surely get this #thiccboi at least an HGUC if not a Re/100. It's one of the few designs we haven't seen, although Hathaway's Flash doesn't have a ton of MS variation like Unicorn or even Narrative.

While not a huge fan myself, I'm super stoked for Hatahway's Flash and seeing this wreck, or get wreck by it's cousin #thicccboi the FD-03 Gustav Karl.

9. MG ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom 2.0 Predicted by RSmith101

With the MG Freedom 2.0 being a hit and the MG Zaku Warriors making waves this would make so much sense, love it or hate it Seed Destiny had some popular and all around good designs, this being one of them. I just hope they don't use that cheesy gold.

8. HGUC RX-105 Ξ Gundam Predicted By Zeydi

Same as with the Messer, with Hathaway's Flash coming & really being light on new MS designs, we'll inevitably get this bad boy, the counterpart to the Penelope. Hathaway's Flash is full of the #Thiccbois.

7. HG G-40 Zaku's Predicted by Thespicer

You know bandai isn't going to pass up a chance to print another Zaku, plus the new G-40 deigns is much closer while still being different enough to warrant a new release. Plus recolor's & a Char custom you know this is going to be a cash cow for Bandai.

6. HGUC SF-007 MK-3 Predicted By Zeydi

Build Fighters/Divers has done more to give us older kits than any series I can think of, the plus of the fan service is the Gundam Seltsam is like half the Mk3. I've always loved this design and while the Mk2 is a classic this really gives me a progress vibe when comparing the gramps & Mk2.

5. MG ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam 2.0 Predicted by Dannick

Just like with the above mentioned Strike Freedom, the Destiny is in a perfect spot to get a new MG 2.0. With the Luna's Zaku Gunner and it's only a matter of time until we get a Pbandai Blaze Zaku Warriro a la Rey, this will round out the team, at least until Rey gets his day when the a Legend Gundam gets a new release.

4. HGFC Death Beast Predicted By Zeydi

With Build Divers bringing us baddies in the form of the Death Army it's only a matter of time until we get the big boy of the G Gundam grunts. 4 legs plus a big rifle, who wouldn't want Domon crushing one of these bad guys.

3. HGAW DT-6800A Dauntress Predicted By Zeydi

What can I say, build divers keeps bringing us some unloved grunts, I have to say I love this idea though. Gundam X has some strange designs but also some really solid, true to their GM roots designs like the Dauntress. This grunt doesn't get a ton of glory but it's a cool take on an alternative history GM.

2. RG OZ-13MS Epyon Predicted By Thespicer

With the RG Tallgeese 3 giving us that heat whip, these's little holding this back now, other than the potentially awful transformation. The Epyon is one of the most easily recognizable silhouettes in Gundam & is a fan favorite of the Wing crowd. One day we'll get Zech's final suit, his true red, char clone suit.

Honorable Mentions:

Pbandai RG ZGMF-X56S/β Sword Impulse & ZGMF-X56S/γ Blast Impulse Gundam

Pbandai HGUC AMS-129 Geara Zulu (Erika Custom)

1. HGAC XXXF-01H Heavyarms Predicted By Thespicer

With the HGAC line continuing to grow to a good reception, it's only a matter of time until we get that acrobatic, heavy weapons warrior. While something like the Deathscythe or Shenlong could be next, I feel like the Heavyarms would make more sense following up the Sandrock and for some reason Bandai just kinda hates the base Deathscythe & Shenlong, even shafting them to Pbandai status in the Robot Damashii line.


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